Trip to Tidung Islands

Are you love traveling so much? Or just to relax your deadlock mind and need some fresh air and beautiful sea view? Or need to scream when you play game on the sea water? You could be there… One of islands from “kepulauan seribu”, it’s called Tidung islands. 

I just want to share this moment with you, kawans…

That was unpredictable planned, because I didn’t used travel. My friends and me went there as backpackers. Someone that work in my boarding house clinic had husband that lived there, so when she want to see her husband, we joined her. We called her “Mbak lusi”. You might be could call her when you need guide to get there without travel. You could be noted her phone number 08281725508.

One day trip, but enough to make a story of us. We got to the kali Adem, Muara angke labour from Bekasi using Uber application from android. If you need to get ride in jabodetabek using privacy car, you could download it from here Über application. The cost was about 109,500 Indonesian rupiah. From Kali Adem, you could bought tickets by your self. About 45-47 thousand rupiah when this article written. It took about 2 and half hours to arrive there. We had already rent room near sea. With Mbak lusi help. It was about 500 thousand rupiah a night. Then we rent bicycle to get anywhere. The rent cost was about 15-20 thousand rupiah. We could rent at minimum cost. Alhamdulillah. 

In “jembatan cinta” we had tried sofa boat. It’s really excited even I was really scared with that because I couldn’t swim. Hahahahahaha. But I could free up my mind with screaming. How unforgettable moments.

It’s beautiful place, you could enjoy beautiful sea and beautiful sky also. Recommend for you that not have much time to trip. 

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